Communauté/Heatzy : Setup a Heatzy Pilote to MQTT Gateway under Linux

One year back, I started to use some Heatzy pilote devices. Heatzy is a french startup which manufactures IOT devices.

Heatzy pilote devices are connected to your wifi network and allow you to control your electrical heaters over internet from any smartphone (IOS or Android) with Heatzy proprietary app.

A nice thing about Heatzy is that they also publish some API called Gizwits Open API to manage their devices.

I've written a first article explaining how to manage your Heatzy devices from Command line under Linux.

To open wider management possibilities, I decided to write a simple Heatzy to MQTT Gateway. This gateway goal is to allow you to set and to get your Heatzy pilote state thru a simple MQTT broker like Mosquitto. It is a complete bridge between Heatzy server and your MQTT clients.

It should greatly simplify the declaration of your Heatzy pilote devices in most home automation software solutions (OpenHab, Domoticz, Jeedom, …).

This article explains how to setup a Heatzy to MQTT gateway for Heatzy Pilote devices generation 1 and 2.
Gateway will work as a systemd service.

Article also provides an integration example in OpenHab home automation software.

It has been developped under Debian 9.0 but it should work on most modern Linux distros.

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